five favourites from march.

five favourites from march

I really can’t believe it’s already April and that I’m already writing about my favourites from March. It doesn’t feel like that late in the year, probably because the weather has been so utterly shit whenever it can be. Seriously, what was all that snow about? I could do with it getting a little better now that my new commute is only convenient if I walk or cycle.

Anyway, here’s a few favourites that have been keeping me going in March.

five favourites from march

1. The Huji photo app

I’d forgotten how much I loved disposable photographs until I found the Huji app. While I was packing to move house recently, I found about six disposable cameras from University that I still haven’t had developed, despite me leaving over six years ago. There are clear downsides to using real disposable cameras – you’d often spend so much money getting the photos developed only to discover you’d taken nine photos of your thumb. This app takes those downsides away. One of the things I hate about ~blogging~ is the pressure to get your photos perfectly edited. It’s a process I don’t enjoy at all. On the other hand, I love the imperfections that a disposable photo takes and so Huji really is the best of both worlds for me.

2. Finding a new place to live

After finding myself homeless (sounds a lot more dramatic than it was) at the start of December, I had to start the long process of finding a new place to live. If anyone reading this has ever searched for a place in London, you’ll know how utterly terrible the whole process can be. And my God it was. I traipsed to house viewing after house viewing most evenings and the whole thing made me so angry. I’m angry that there are so many rooms in London where people live in sub-standard housing for such an extortionate amount of money and I’m now convinced that many landlords are just scum. I’m also pretty concerned about how so many people seem completely happy to live in dirty houses too. After a few months of searching I managed to find a place which ticked the vast majority of my boxes, and I moved in this week. So fingers crossed for me.

3. Turning 27

It was my birthday at the start of March. I can’t say it was the best birthday in the world, but it wasn’t the worst either. Turning 27 seems to have hit me like a train. 26 felt very safe and very mid twenties, while 27 feels very old and very late twenties. But I did have a really lovely day with my family; eating lots of cake and pizza and getting some pretty awesome presents. Impossible to complain about that! 

five favourites from march

4. Starting to cross stitch again

My Mum is super crafty and always has something on the go – from making jewellery, sewing, painting, decorating – you name it she can do it. I often go home and take a number of my wrap dresses and, like the grandma I am, I get her to sew them up a little bit to make them less booby. I’m always pretty jealous and wish I could do something a little more constructive with my time rather than just pissing around on my phone, so thought I’d give cross stitch a go. I used to do it when I was much younger and I wish I could say it had all come flooding back. I’ve managed to finish a beginners pattern now and I’m moving on to something a little harder.

5. Re-discovering Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco range

Yep, seriously, that’s one of my favourite things this month. I can’t say if it does much to my hair or not as I tend to murder my hair in other ways,  but it smells so ridiculously good that I’m always using something from the range at the moment – whether it’s the shampoo, conditioner or blow dry lotion. I’m not exaggerating to say a number of people have commented on how nice my hair smells.

What were your favourites this month?

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