chocolate guinness cake recipe for people who don’t care for guinness.

guinness cake recipeguinness cake recipeguinness cake recipe

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve wanted to bake a chocolate Guinness cake since I had a stout cake at Caravan. I was there with a colleague (ages ago now) and we had this stout cake with caramel sauce and burnt coffee cream. It was honestly one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life. I am in no way exaggerating.

I’ve thought about that cake a lot ever since. We still talk about that cake at work. It’s the cake we judge other cakes on. Every bake brought into work is met with the question, “is it as good as the stout cake?”. The answer is invariably no.

But bloody hell, not to blow my own trumpet here, this version of that stout cake, the good old chocolate Guinness cake is the only thing that’s come even close to being as good.

guinness cake recipeguinness cake recipe guinness cake recipe

Now I rarely shout about my bakes to anyone. I love the process of baking but I’m often disappointed by the final outcome. I’m a haphazard baker. I will mix and change recipes, add bits in, take bits away. Then I’ll cry about how it hasn’t worked. In fact, this sums me right up. I will fight my shoddy oven each and every single time I bake. I’ve invested in a thermometer which gets in my way on the oven shelf but things will rise and sink whenever they fancy.

But not this cake.

This cake was so easy to make that even I managed it. Although I did follow the recipe this time so that probably helped.

If you’re slightly worried about making this cake because you don’t like Guinness then don’t. You can barely taste the Guinness and the hefty amount of sugar in the cake helps to counteract any kind of bitterness in the cake. I can’t put myself down as a Guinness fan having only had one pint of it during a trip to Dublin, but I’m a big fan of this cake.

chocolate guinness cake

Like the idea of a chocolate Guinness cake? Give it a go and let me know how it goes 🙂


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