the summer midi dress wishlist.

summer midi dress wishlist

summer midi dress wishlist

Is this summer?

I won’t lie, it seems ridiculous to be writing about summer at the moment. Even though it’s August, I’m sat in my office shivering away and wondering whether I can go and bribe the facilities team with some of the cinnamon buns I’ve made to go and turn the heating on.┬áHaving said that, I’m still holding out for a little bit of heat. Despite being one of those people that prefer the cold, it still seems wrong to be cold in August. I wouldn’t mind just a few more degrees. If nothing else, it’s quite nice to be able to sit outside after work in a beer garden. Plus, London always feels like a nicer place in the heat.

During the last bout of hot weather we had, I got really into wearing anything midi. I’ve grown up detesting my legs with a passion. I inherited the biggest calves known to man. They’ve always been a massive insecurity of mine, so I always kept my legs covered up. Even if it was 30+ degrees, I’d be staring at my wardrobe wondering whether I could make jeans work, or if I could get away with tights. Then I discovered midi length. It kinda solved all my problems. I still felt like I was a bit covered up but they kept me just a bit more comfortable in the heat. And they tend to be on the smarter side which means you can get away with them for work.

The Summer Midi Wishlist

Even though I’m praying for more heat in England, I am heading off on holiday soon. I will need a few things for the heat there. It’s due to be around 36 degrees while I’m away. I really don’t think wearing jeans could be considered a sane thing to do. Obviously, you have to treat yourself to a few new bits before you go on holiday! I know that midi dresses will feature heavily in my scaled down hand luggage packing. I tend to be a bit braver on holiday too, so this yellow cotton dress from Warehouse has become slightly more appealing. It’d never be a colour I’d wear in England, but abroad? Possibly.

In typical blogger hype style, I’ve seen some midi dresses on other bloggers. I’ve been trying to find my own versions because I loved them so much. I saw a dress similar to Joy’s heart print midi on Rebecca’s blog and fell in love almost immediately. It’s something I’d love to fit into my own wardrobe. Hannah always inspires me with her midi dress and converse combos and this New Look coral midi reminds me so much of something she’d wear.

I think both the New Look black button midi and the Joy cami midi would be easy to dress up for work or down for casual wear. It’s always easier to justify a purchase when you can see yourself wearing it in more than one situation, right?

Have you got your eye on anything midi this summer?

P.S, I know the shoes aren’t midi – but how bloody pretty are they?!


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