small things i do to feel better about my blog.

feel better about blogging

It’s no real secret that I don’t take this blog as seriously as I could. That probably comes from the fact that I know this will never be a career for me. I’m always in awe of those that are killing it in the blogging game. This whole blogging malarkey is a lot harder than it looks from the outside. The amount of work you have to put in is pretty astounding. As I know that this is a hobby for me, and it’s something I want to stay that way, then I doubt I’ll ever be able to find the time or the serious motivation to massively kick it up a gear. I like it as my hobby and I like keeping the balance so it remains that way.

Having said that, blogging is still something I enjoy. It’s something I want to keep enjoying. But there’s a lot of pressure in the blogging game these days. Some days, it can make you feel a little down in the dumps about how well your blog is doing. Comparison is the thief of joy and all that.

I think the same can be said of those that do this thing full time, part time, or even just once in a blue moon.

So here are a few little things I do to make me feel immediately better about my blog.

I change something.

I’m pretty guilty of over analysing my blog’s layout and falling in and out of love with it. I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems that whenever I view someone else’s blog I see a feature on it that I would love on my own blog. Or something that works better. A nicer font, a gentler colour. It doesn’t matter.

However, if I give things a proper think through and sit on it for a while, I can think of something that I’ve wanted to change for a while. Usually, I’ve never quite managed to get around to finding the time to change it. If I’m feeling a bit crap about blogging, I’ll go and change that thing. Recently for me it was as simple as making my text size just that little bit bigger. I was worried that people were having to strain to read my posts. Now, I’m not concerned about it anymore and not over thinking it.

Schedule some blogging tweets.

I know that this is one of thoseĀ things that has to be done in order to drive that all important traffic to the blog but oh my god, it is so bloody dull. But, there is also a slight amount of pleasure in getting it ticked off the list.

If the thought of planning thousands of tweets out gets you down, just be re-buffer some old (but still relevant) tweets. Or maybe just enough to get you through the next couple of days. I’ve recently upgraded to the awesome plan on Buffer and it’s been a big time saver.

Organise some posts.

Maybe you’ve got writer’s block, or just don’t have the time to sit and write out some posts. I always feel like I’ve accomplished something, even if it’s a small something, by writing down maybe a post title or adding images into a post that has sat in my drafts folder for a little bit too long. It helps me find the motivation to actually finish the post later on when the inspiration does come.

Sort out my Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the main drivers of traffic to my blog, and so although this tip isn’t about my actual blog, it is related. I find that in my pinning frenzies, I can end up with pins on the wrong board or duplicate pins. On the other hand, I can also forget to pin my latest blog posts to the right boards or forget to participate in group boards. I always feel just a little bit better if I go through one board for five minutes and remove pins that have ended up in the wrong place. Or if I spend a little bit of time pinning some old images from my blog or posts.

Fix broken links.

Again, another seriously dull task, but one I personally find slightly cathartic. Keeping on top of your broken links helps with that all important SEO and stops readers from getting frustrated when reading your blog. I use theĀ Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress, but there a number of different websites that will do the same job.

feel better about blogging

Reply to some comments.

I know some bloggers don’t reply to comments at all because they get so many, or don’t see it as a worthwhile exercise – that’s cool, you do you. But it’s something I always try and do. I’m old school when it comes to comments and I like receiving them. I’ll always try and reply to the ones I get, and even though I read them as soon as they come in, I often forget to reply to them. I find it quite worthwhile exercise to sit down and just have a responding session.

If nothing else, it reminds me that people are actually reading the things I write.

Ignore analytics for a bit.

We can all be guilty of staring at google analytics and getting obsessed with numbers. It’s impossible not to sometimes. I don’t blame anyone for getting obsessed. But I believe it’s worth taking a break from staring at the numbers and getting addicted data. It’s nice to go back to the grassroots of blogging and remembering why you started this in the first place. I doubt anyone starts with the intention of becoming addicted to their analytics page.

Change your about me page.

Changing your about me page is a really simple thing to do, but often gets ignored. It means it becomes a little outdated and stale. Luckily, it’s the kind of post which doesn’t take too much time to change and doesn’t require too much inspiration.

Spell check.

I often double check a post before it goes live to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammarly has been a life saver on this front. But, I still miss things. Sometimes posts will still go live with a few mistakes. In order to keep a vaguely professional element to this blog, I occasionally go through some old posts and triple check any for any mistakes. Catching a mistake makes me feel embarrassed that it went out in the first place, but pretty glad I’ve fixed it too.

What do you do to feel better about your blog?


  1. August 9, 2017 / 9:10 am

    I don’t think about my blog seriously. It’s just a hobby for me too, but I do change the layout quite a bit because I love design. I wish I could write as often as I used to, but it’s been quite hard for me to write lately.

    p.s : I love the new look

  2. October 27, 2017 / 3:27 am

    I really like how positive you are! Sometimes I feel like I definitely take my blog too seriously. Those days I try to take a step back and remember the reason I started a blog in the first place. It seems to help me to stop focusing on Google Analytics and instead focus on the message I am trying to get across. Great post, thanks!

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