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week update Primrose Hill Coloured Houses

This week I’m loving…

My new blog theme (seriously, just took at how pretty it is). I’ve finally made the big jump to WordPress so I got a shiny new theme to go with that big jump. I do have to say a big thanks to Pipdig, because without him I wouldn’t have been able to make the move. Now I just have to get used to using WordPress instead of Blogger, which I’m pretty excited about.

This week I’m sleeping…

As much as I can. I’m back at work after a five week break and it is exhausting. It’s a little bit like coming back to school after the six week summer holidays. I’m quite glad I’m back at work as I was getting slightly bored of being at home, and I’m pretty sure my housemates were pretty sick of me being around all the time too. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have to fit in all the fun things in life into only the evenings.

week update primrose hill coloured houses

This week I’m hating…

The heat. I’m a pretty average person in most senses, and that includes the level of warmth or cold I can take. Give me autumn and spring any day because I just can’t handle the summer. Last night I got stuck down wind of someone on the tube who clearly had never heard of deodorant. I think it must be because God was trying to test me. This kind of heat can only be reserved for if you’re abroad and have quick access to the beach, the pool and thousands of cocktails. Not if you’re stuck in an office after spending the morning trying to work out what on earth you own that’s work appropriate attire and won’t also cause your skin to melt off.

This week I’m enjoying…

Getting to spend some time with my Dad on Fathers Day. But, more importantly, getting to meet his new kittens. They are only 13 weeks old and absolutely teeny. I would do anything to have my own cats but as I live on a busy road and have a mean landlord, it won’t happen any time soon. In the meantime, I’m having to live vicariously through my parents and the cats they own.

week update Primrose Hill Coloured Houses

This week I’m drinking…

Endless cups of cold brew. I really need to just make my own, because various coffee shops close to work have taken most of my money this week buys cups of what is mainly ice. It’s so ridiculously hot in the UK at the moment that I’m not even sure I feel all that hard done by. Anything to be cooler!

This week I’m trying to find…

A moisturiser with a massive SPF. It was only when I came to put on my face this morning that I realised that most of the stuff I own at the moment has no SPF. Probably not a very good position to be in. So far I think I might have to settle with Origins “A Perfect World“. But if anyone has any other alternatives, then please let me know. I’m all ears!

week update Primrose Hill Coloured Houses

What are you up to this week?

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