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29 May 2017

that was the week that was: drie

This week I'm recovering from...driving lessons. I've found the whole process extremely stressful so far even though I already had a vague idea on how to drive from when I learnt when I was seventeen. Right at this moment I don't know how I'll ever be able to get myself to test standard but I'm just thanking God that I'm learning to drive somewhere quiet and not in London. I've been trying to take some of Rebecca's advice and ignore whether other drivers are getting pissed off with me. 

This week I'm looking forward to...getting out and about and exploring a little. I'm determined to make the most of the next two weeks that I have off work and actually go and see some things that have been on my list for a while. I doubt I'll get the chance to have this much time off work ever again (unless there's another general election this year - hope not) so I really need to do something vague productive with it. 

This week I'm feeling apprehensive about...going to a hen do. It's a good friend of mine from Uni getting married, and we lived together for a year and so I know mostly everything there is to know about her, but I barely know anyone else going and I'm always a bit apprehensive about things that might be considered "enforced fun". I'm sure it will be fun, but I'm just a bit nervous about the whole thing, especially as I haven't been to a hen do before (unless you count my Mums, which I don't think I do).

This week I'm loving...Bodyshop's Drops of Light Brightening Essence Lotion, which was a completely random purchase for me but seems to be working out quite well. I've only just started using it but I'm pretty sure I can already see a little bit of a difference in my complexion. I've been really enjoying re-discovering the Bodyshop lately.

This week I've been grateful for...not having to endure a heat wave in London. One of the great things about being back at home in the 'burbs is that when it's night you can actually open your windows and not have to listen to busy noises and whatever else. My flat in London is on a main road, next to what seems to be the most popular bar in Clapham (if you possibly exclude Infernos...) and a tube station and in the hot weather I just don't stand a chance. I'm absolutely crap with the heat anyway. 

This week I'm listening to...The Great British Breakfast playlist on Spotify. The whole thing reminds me of being at Uni, and is also the kind of music my Dad listens to when he's washing up which is a great nostalgic memory for me. 

What are you up to this week?


26 May 2017

a little anti-haul.


I am loving everyone's anti-haul posts and I've been reading them avidly, so I knew I was gonna have to do one of my own. If you've not seen one - it's basically describing the things you wouldn't buy. In a blogging world where we always talk about the things you would buy, sometimes it's nice to hear the exact opposite. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing everyone else's recommendations, but occasionally it's nice to get a bit of relief. It all started with Kimberly Clarke on YouTube so full credit to her, but I first saw it on Rebecca's blog.

So without further ado, here are a few of the things I wouldn't be buying. 

Pixi Double Cleanse

This is a bit of a cheat as I've just finished a pot of it, so I have bought it, but I have to say I doubt I'd ever buy it again. I loved the idea of having a two in one - a cleansing balm and a cream cleanser - but in reality, it just wasn't that great. The balm was nowhere near as great as my favourite from Clinique, and the cream was no better than a vaguely cheap one I use. You get the same amounts of both, but you're expected to use only the balm at night but the cream in the morning and night, meaning you run out of one quicker than the other. The only time I've really liked this product was when I've travelled anywhere because it cut down on packaging and carrying two items rather than one. For me, it was just massively over hyped. 

Cold Shoulders

I don't know whether it's just because I'm getting on a bit or what, but I just don't get it. I spend half my life feeling cold and desperately trying to warm up, so why would I want to buy something that is literally described as cold? Also, I have broad shoulders - "swimmer's shoulders" - and I just can't see them working for me. Plus I swear I spend too much time internet window shopping and seeing cold shoulder tees and thinking: "oh if only I could sew up those shoulders..."


Does anyone have those weird things that rationally they know make no sense? Like, I can't have a shower unless I've brushed my teeth, no exception. I'm the same with anything going near my neck, I feel like I'm choking even though of course, I'm not. I even feel suffocated if I see someone else with a neck tattoo, I think I'd probably conk out if I had to wear a choker. 


I mean holes in t-shirts especially. Jeans I can just about handle, but I don't understand why I would want to buy a t-shirt that looks like it's been attacked by moths in a wardrobe. Old? Me? Yep, probably. 

Liz Earle Products

I once had some samples of Liz Earle stuff and nothing has ever broken me out quite like them. If I bought them I'd go back to looking like the massively spotty teen I was ten years ago. I can think of much more enjoyable ways to get spots (a ridiculous amount of chocolate, pizza and alcohol for example) rather than spending God knows how much on a cleanser. 


For some reason, my ASOS recommendations are full of sliders and I feel like they're desperately trying to push them on to me. They just look like the middle aged man version of flip flops to me, I just don't geddit.

Anything you agree with? What wouldn't you buy?


24 May 2017

drinking at the rumpus room | the southbank.

 rumpus room southbank london view

I'm not the biggest fan of living in London - something I've mentioned on this blog many times before. However, there is always an exception to the rule, and my exception is that the one absolutely brilliant thing about London is that there is always somewhere new to find somewhere amazing to have a cocktail in. I'm a big fan of cocktails - I think it's the variety of choice, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop.

Also, if I'm being kind to London, it would be hard to ignore how brilliant the city can be when the sun is shining and you find yourself on a roof terrace overlooking the brilliant buildings the city has to offer. 

22 May 2017

that was the week that was: zwei

This week I'm reading...well, this week I've just finished two books which is pretty unusual for me as I never find the time to read, but having just got back from a trip to Ibiza where all I did was flop down on a beach all day I can cross two off my list. I finished off Jess Philips' book Everywoman, which I'm 100% 50/50 about. I really can't decide whether I hated it or loved it. I also read Their Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans which I know I hated. It's just been turned into a film - "Their Finest" - which I think I might like, but the book was incredibly dull and I couldn't wait for it to be over. 

This week I'm researching...things to do in London for when I finally move back there. If anyone has any ideas then please throw them my way, I'm all ears. 

This week I'm nursing....a bad case of sunburn. I've been so careful in the sun for the past ten years I've barely suffered with sun burn at all but I massively fucked up on holiday and only took factor 20 with me. It's safe to say I could have done with factor 50 at least. Now I have to spend most of my time with a peeling nose and an itchy back, all of which is completely my own fault.

This week I'm drinking...quite a few cocktails to be honest. Look out for a few more bar reviews from recent places I've visited in London, even if the pictures will be a little dodgy. Here's to bringing back iPhone photography on blogs, that's my only excuse. 

This week I'm looking forward to...spending some time with my Granny before she goes on holiday to see her brother in Devon. She's honestly one of the best people in the world, and since my Grandad died last year nothing has been the same. I want to spend as much time as possible with her because she means the absolute world to me. 

This week I'm worrying about...starting driving lessons. I mentioned last week that I'd be starting, and I've managed to find an instructor that will give me some pretty intensive courses over a week's period. It's been nearly nine years since I was last attempting to be behind the wheel of a car and when I told my Dad that I'd be doing some lessons, he spent a lot of time laughing. My Mum, bless her, has also insured me on her brand new car that she possibly loves more than she loves me, so that could quite easily end in tears. 

This week I'm loving...a few new Body Shop products which I've got hold of. I've really started to like their skincare range and I'm a big fan of their cream cleansers, so I've decided I'm going to branch out and give a couple of their serums a try too. 

This week I'm watching...all of the soaps I missed last week when I was on holiday. I'm one episode down on A Murder in the Family on Channel 4 and I'm already hooked, and my Mum keeps nagging me to watch Three Girls too, so there's a lot to get round to!

What are you up to this week?

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